Physical therapy update

You guyssss! I got to run yesterday in PT. I mean it was hella slow but I ran consistently for six whole minutes. Ok, writing that doesn’t seem as triumphant as it felt. Because, y’all, I felt triumphant AF. Laurence told me to remember with each step to lift my left foot all the way. It seems so obvious but when you do an extra jiggle with each step on your left side it’s not obvious. He also put KT tape on either side of the point and across the middle to help bring blood flow and reduce lactic acid in the area. Idk if it worked but I’m willing to try anything.

I have three more sessions of PT and then I think I’ll be released. Maybe. Hopefully. 🤞🏽

I will continue my exercises until I’m cleared and then maybe figure something else out. I do want to run again, like I really want to run the 30a 10k. Literally printing the hal higden program right now.

I’m so relieved that the point is just scar tissue. I mean, it’s not the cutest but it’s also not a hernia, seroma, ovarian cancer or anything else scary. I can deal with scar tissue.

I proudly wore my bikini every time we went to the beach last week, Point and all. Every body is a bikini body, y’all.

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