When science backs your gut

You guys! I don’t have to have surgery to fix my point!! Let me repeat: I. Do. Not. Need. Surgery. I guess I didn’t realize how heavy that prospect was weighing on me until I knew the prospect was fully off the table.

Today, I met with a physical therapist. I’ve never done physical therapy. Not after I sprained my ankle when I was 16. Not after I broke the same ankle a few years later. And not when I broke that same ankle another few years later. I haven’t stepped foot into a physical therapists office ever.

Turns out, I probably should have 😂 so, he said it’s definitely NOT diastasis recti. My core isn’t TOO weak. I mean there’s always room for improvement but it wasn’t the worst. My left hip, however, is a mess. He said it’s roughly 30-40% weaker than my right. He videoed me running (in slow motion, 🤮) and you can see how I do this weird adjustment on my left foot. You can see how much jigglier my left booty cheek is. It’s hella evident, y’all. It also explains how I fell! Of course it becomes more pronounced after a few miles and when I’m getting tired. Duh. Told you I wasn’t looking at my phone 😂😂

So I have a prescription of a few hip/glute strengthening exercises. I have PT 2 times a week for 3 weeks. I’m instructed to build up my core strength again and to strengthen my hip. I am not, however, supposed to run. Maybe that’s why my passion has been zapped. It’s dangerous right now. I mean dangerous in the way that it could have injured me further.

Turns out the point is probably just scar tissue. Jana, you were right. Fascia blaster here I come.

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