Kindergarten Grad & Summer Bucket List

Today, my newborn had her kindergarten celebration! I won’t say graduation because there was no pomp and cirumstance. No mortarboard with tassel. No gown. They sang songs, had a cute little program based on the alphabet, and did a dance to a mariachi song. Altogether an enjoyable morning.

So while there was none of the hullabaloo of a kindergarten graduation, there was an insanely thoughtful scrapbook created by Emilia’s kindergarten teacher. Every big event at school, every party I wasn’t at due to surgery or infection, or recovery is documented. The progress she’s made with handwriting, and spelling, and reading. It’s all there. I’m so grateful for the INCREDIBLE teachers we’ve had at Bay. It’s going to be so weird starting at the new school next year. I’m so glad some of our favorites are going to be going to the new school but it’s hard to say goodbye to the quaint old school we currently attend.

My kids are chomping at the bit to get our 2019 Summer Bucket List. 2018 was so much fun. For a refresher, here is our 2018 bucket list. Some things we are considering for this summer include: pontoon boat with grammy & pop pop, Shipwreck Island (again), Palizzi Art Camp, try a new restaurant. Can you give any suggestions for our 2019 bucket list?? I am having a hard time believing that it’s almost here! Only 6 days of school left!

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