Happy Half Birthday

Do you celebrate your half birthday?? I never used to. Before I had two November babes I don’t even know if I knew when my half birthday was. (May 18, by the way.) once they were here the 6 month milestone, their half birthdays became a day of celebration. They were turning from the snuggly blobs to the humans we know them as now. It’s funny to see their 6 month pics and see how much personality is still present.

Yesterday was my half birthday. I’m 35.5. I’m officially closer to 36. It seems like such a big difference. 36 is late 30s. Y’all what am I going to do when I’m in my 40s. 40 something mumbles?? I don’t know. But to celebrate my half birthday I did a little run/walk (mostly walk) combo and a spicy yoga class. I feel very good about my choices and yet feel like this past six months has flown by. How has it been six months since my newborn turned 6. And owen turned 8. What exactly have *I* accomplished in these six months. The answer is not a ton aside from healing from phase 2. But that’s something, right?? I’ve made some amazing friends. Connected with the Florida breasties. Deepened my roots here in SoWal. My home is more my home. Emilia’s room redo. Cruises to the Bahamas. Continued to love my job (like looooove my job). I guess it’s not so much that’s exceptional or out of the ordinary but the small and simple things allow time to pass. it’s the daily todo lists, the weekly chores and the loads of endless laundry. It’s the school lunches, (yay only 7 more to make) and bus stop hangs. It’s signup genius and remind alerts. Those are the ways to mark the time. Those are the ways my days pass. That’s what I’ve accomplished and by 36 I will be running and practicing yoga regularly again. I will be taking that time as mine. It’s not selfish. It’s healthy.

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