Wishlist Wednesday

I’m trying so hard to stop this consumer driven mentality. I want to be a responsible consumer. I want to buy quality over quantity. It’s honestly one of the reasons no-buy-may was developed, at least in part. It’s so easy to go to Target or Walmart and just buy something because it’s cute and trendy and affordable. I also have trouble spending money on trendy things. Especially if I’m lucky to get one season out of them. I’m finding the balance between needing quality in staple pieces and yet wanting to be somewhat in fashion at the same time. I said in my white jeans post that Madewell is my go to for jeans. I’m not saying I’ll never branch out but for now they’re decently affordable, long enough and tend to make my butt look good, okkkkkk.
This no-buy-May has been successful so far. I am 1/2 way done. I did get a big water cup at Stellar the other day but anything to help me drink 100 oz of water a day is a NEED in my book. (Side I love it because it looks like a hospital cup, and I drank SO much water when I was just discharged from NoLa!) I’ve definitely purchased some plants for landscaping outside but nothing wild and unnecessary. Our landscaping is looking gooooood already and thanks to Mariah, we have a really good game plan. I work the next 3 days in a row so I don’t foresee much progress on the yard in the next coming while but Monday? The yard is my focus!

So, wishlist wednesday. While I’m forever a fan of alliteration all I’ve done so far is talk about my not buying. That’s where the wishlist comes in. And just because I love alliteration, it’s getting posted on a Wednesday. Wishlists things are just items that caught my eye for whatever reason. Things I might buy. Things I might not buy. Who knows. Just things I’m wanting to check out again at a later date.

I want/need a planner. I’m trying to not impulsively purchase something. I want it to be perfect. I’m researching the heck out of Erin Condren, Plum Paper and a passion planner! I have had happy planners the past two times, it’s fine but I just want to know if it’s the best thing out there, ya know?


We don’t have all the tools necessary to prepare drinks. This would be a handy tool, am i right?

These flip flops are dupes of some that cost like $300. I love the black and also the nude color.

This dress is so cute. So many fun colors and just seems like an easy breezy thing to throw over my swimsuit on my way to the pool or beach.

obsessed with these sunglasses! So cute. I still want the raybans that Kieran has but until I can ball that hard…these will have to do.

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