Goal Setting

I’m reading/listening to Rachel Hollis’ Girl Stop Apologizing. (side note-audible is seriously incredible. I listen to books after I drop my kids off and I feel so much more productive. There are definitely days where music is the deal of the day but I like listening to books a lot.) She is a force. An incredibly inspiring human and yet, I digress.

It should come to no great surprise that I am not the best example at follow through. I mean, generally, I talk a big game but rarely execute my goals as flawlessly as I would like to admit. Rachel Hollis has a really cool goal setting tool called 10-10-1. Catchy, right? I still need to sit down and figure mine out but she also challenges her readers to do some small and simple things to start changing our mindset into one of a goal getter. She wants us to get up an hour earlier, drink half our body weight in ounces of water, move my body for 30 minutes a day and this one that I’m taking on this month. To eliminate one category of food for 30 days. I decided on gluten. I have a theory that it might be the cause of some of my bloating, maybe not the whole pointy belly scenario, but some of the pointy belly scenario. So I’m going to try it. I can do it! 30 days isn’t that long and thank god there are so many gluten free options out there. Plus, corn tortillas don’t have gluten anyway.

Do you have any gluten free recipes that I need to try this 30 days? Today is day 1 and so far I’m killing it.

Someday, I’ll get the rest of my goals figured out and shared with you. For now, this small and simple thing is pretty much all I can accomplish.

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