Mama needs landscaping help

Happy Mother’s Day to all my mama friends, and I do mean ALL my mama friends. (I’m talking to you cat mama, dog mama, lizard mama, any form of life mama.) It’s no secret that I’m a self proclaimed crazy plant lady. I name them all, and take great pride in the fact that Hank, my fiddle leaf fig, is still kicking. My yard though. Yikes. It needs some serious help and direction. In Kansas City I had lilies, peony, and all of my favorites. Here? It’s a wasteland of pine straw scraps, shrubs planted by the builders, and my blooming glory, the jasmine that’s now overtaking the railing on my front porch. In the back of my house I have a couple lemon trees, a very miniature orange tree, fig tree that’s go so many leaves this spring and a magnolia tree that a neighbor gave me.

For Mother’s Day I wanted nothing more than to wander down every aisle of the Lowe’s garden center buying anything that caught my eye. They had so many amazing things to choose from!

We ended up with a modest haul including a few bags of top soil to help cope with our sandy soil. Bulbs were on clearance for 1/2 off! So I kind of went a little overboard with dahlia bulbs, elephant ears, and ranunculus. If I can’t have a peony I’ll have the next best thing.

So for the plan part. We are thinking dark mulch instead of pinestraw. The number of effing spiders the size of my hand I found today was reason enough for us to go that route. I know I was trespassing on their turf but seriously, stop jumping out and scaring the literal piss out of me, ok? We have some landscaping edging on the way from Amazon. We will create definite borders between the lawn and the decorative parts. And the decorative parts will get better, surely???

So to all my landscape inclined friends, help. I don’t want it to look like a jank house. All I want for Mother’s Day is a pretty yard, or at least a yard that looks like a crazy plant lady lives there.

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