Results are in…

…and it’s inconclusive. But there are some things we can rule out. It’s NOT a hernia. It’s also NOT a seroma or hematoma 🎉🎉

So we know some things that it’s definitely not. I have a few things it might be. It could be diastasis recti. The stitch they used to fix me up during phase 1 could have popped. It also could be edema. So I have some things that I can do to hopefully fix it. Sandy gave me some exercises to do to help if it’s diastasis recti. I also have a strong desire to start running again and practicing yoga again which will all help, I think. Gotta build up the core again. I am also going to keep on wearing compression to see if that helps. Drinking a lot of water, and walking all the steps.

So about the cyst the tech talked about…it isn’t a concern. I’m so relieved. It isn’t cancer. Thank god. Thank you for the thoughts and prayers and good vibes. I felt so comforted by them. I felt so much better when I woke up.

My friend Mariah brought me peonies which are my fave. I just feel so so so blessed and supported. Thank you!!

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