Things I want to buy

So, despite my rambling, I still stress shopped. I added a bunch of things to my Amazon cart during that stint in the waiting room and while sitting at my counter stressing. Here’s what I want to buy right now to combat that stress. Some of these items are necessary and will be purchased, eventually. haha!

  1. Baebody castor oil What I like about this? It’s supposed to help your lashes grow. And maybe your eyebrows too?
  2. Laptop Bag. So I’m planning on writing a lot more. So like I might need to take my computer bag with me, right?
  3. Tiles for the backsplash in my laundry room. It’s part of the one room challenge that was supposed to be done today. Ooops. I’ve done NOTHING.
  4. These sunglasses for Emilia. Like, hi she needs them.
  5. Natural Calm I mean, TMI but this is a need. And this one helps me sleep.

So far, the tiles are a necessary purchase for this project but the rest of them I am still thinking of them. What do you think??

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