April Favorite Things

I realize it’s already a week into May, but I’m sorry HOW? That was so fast! I also realize that I should have finished and posted this giveaway at least a few days ago but, whoa. This week has been wild. So last month as I was picking up new things for me, I picked up a few things for you! I mean, ok not all of you, just ONE of you.

  1. The cutest straw bag! I have been loving mine! In case you’re not my winner, I’m linking here!
  2. My FAVE mascara. Loreal Lash Paradise.
  3. A Question A Day Journal. I’ve been wanting to be more intentional with my writing, finding myself, etc. This journal is so cute and also a good challenge because they’re not questions I would normally write about.
  4. Time and Tru earrings. I wore mine the other day and got so many compliments.
  5. Volcano Candles are my GO TO. I love them so much. I got YOU (hi winner) this tin so it would be easy to ship!
  6. Neons are in! Pineapples are my jam! I love little pouches!
  7. Pho socks! I mean I love weird socks, and I like to wear them once until their match is forever lost in the place where socks to to rest.

I’m pretty excited about this giveaway! Basically the requirements were to like my instagram posts in April, comments were an extra entry! Check out my post to see who the lucky winner is.

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