My belly is pointed

So, you probably know that I had a prophylactic mastectomy with immediate DIEP flap reconstruction in September. I had phase 2 of my surgeries in December. It’s been nearly 5 months since phase 2 and suddenly I have a pointy belly. That sounds super weird and dramatic but it’s actual and factual.
My last period was 3 weeks ago and that’s when I noticed this new pointing thing. I can’t say for sure that’s when it started but I have it on pretty good authority that it started around there. I first just assumed it was related to my period. You know, bloating, etc. When it was still present over two weeks later I made Barry look. He thought it was ‘weird’ but didn’t offer any diagnoses or possible solutions. My girlfriends, however, were all about it. I’ve been in compression pretty much every day for a week, and my belly is still pointy. I’ve upped my water intake, and am drinking around 100 oz (which really I should have been doing the whole time but I mean, sorry. I love coke zero orange vanilla so much!) It’s still pointy. I emailed the LPN that worked with my plastic surgeon and am now scheduled for an ultrasound on Wednesday. I’m nervous. Like really, nervous. Not that I think there’s anything SUPER wrong or that I need surgery tomorrow, but I’m afraid I need surgery, soon. The thing is? I thought I was done with surgeries for at least five years. The thought of going through another, even if it is a same day, out patient surgery, is terrifying. The thought of being forced to rest again for any amount of time makes me want to cry. It might be nothing. It could just be fluid and weird. It could be an abdominal or incisional hernia. I know things could be so much worse but it just feels like another kick to the gut. Like I’m just feeling normal and getting comfortable with my post mastectomy body. I wore my bikini in the Bahamas and didn’t feel TOO self conscious thought a little worried about being judged for having a tummy tuck! (IT WASN’T A TUMMY TUCK!)
Anyway, if y’all can spare some extra prayers, good vibes, good juju, whateverrrrr on Wednesday at 2 central time, I’d really appreciate it. And just so you can see what I’m talking about, EUREKA! , my pointy belly.


  1. C- Google “diastasis recti” and especially look for the posts on postpartum care and from moms who teach exercise-

    this tent-shaped “pooch” is a TOTALY NORMAL aftermath of pregnancy- the two abdominal muscles that run up and down from the rib cage to the pubic bone stretch some during pregnancy but ultimately they have to separate to allow for the growth of the uterus. Postpartum, if you aren’t taught to do this simple exercise by your midwife, your muscles may not return to middle, making for a pooch out of the abdominal contents.


    the exercise- lay on your back, put your hand on your abdomen, tense the abdominal muscles and then feel them tighten further when you lift your head and try to put your chin between your breasts. (no, you can’t do that, but just feel how the muscles tighten when you try!)
    Hold this to the count of 10 or more. then rest- and repeat. Start out with 10- over days/weeks increase to a bunch more- and notice how quickly you can no longer get your fingers between these muscles- and your stomach is FLAT AGAIN!!!

    Now looking great is a good reason to do this- but the BEST reason is because when your abdominal muscles stay stretched postpartum, they aren’t doing one of their main jobs, which is PROTECTING YOUR BACK FROM INJURY!.

    again, lots of info on the internet (look for midwife or physical therapy or healthy mama sites)
    hope this helps! -Sandy the long-retired midwife…

    1. I do so so appreciate this!
      During my surgery my surgeon said he would fix any diastasis recti but I didn’t have any. Is it possible to separate even without pregnancy?? I’m sure anything is possible and I realllllly hope this is it. Because I do need to strengthen my core. I’ve definitely been less active since my first surgery so I wonder if things are just so weak right now.

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