Emilia’s Big Girl Room

Like an idiot, I signed up for a One Room Challenge right at the tail end of Emilia’s room project. I’ve never even blogged about her room! Gah! Anyway, I’m redoing my laundry room. In theory anyway. Paint, a little backsplash, a counter height folding area and a shelf to hold the laundry goods! I’m stoked. Oh, and a dope new light! It’s gold and huge! And yet again, I digress. I finished Emilia’s room with literally less than 24 hours to spare before my mother-in-law arrived. It was a true labor of love. A vision come to life. I’m seriously so so so thrilled with how it ended up. I love everything about it. The floors ended up being such a good buy. *I* stayed under budget, and remember flooring wasn’t part of my budget. I also sold a few things in her room to make up for the extras I wanted to spend. I cut costs by mixing my own paint colors!

Here’s the breakdown of what I spent on her room redo
º carpet knife $10
º pink paint $25 (color is SW Rita’s Rouge)
º papasan chair $15 (found at habitat for humanity restore!)
º ceiling paint $13 *I got a gallon of white ceiling paint at Walmart)
º unicorn sheets $30
º lumber for nightstands $25 (technically it was $50 but we will use the other pieces for a different project)
º knobs $13 for 12 at HomeGoods (I’m going to try to sell the remaining 6 on fb marketplace)
For a grand total of $131. My goal was $100 and I’m pretty thrilled that I stayed that close to budget. I did sell the white nightstands that were originally in there and made $50. I also sold some suitcases that were under her bed and holding her costumes for $30. I’m way under budget if we’re including that. I had white paint left over from painting my downstairs and bedroom and just made it work.

Here’s the mood board/inspo board. I think we kinda nailed it.

Emilia loves her new bed!

So here it is! Her bedroom! I’m so thrilled with everything, honestly. Like I said I mixed the pinks myself. I used straight Rita’s Rouge for the darkest stripe and wanted it to be gradient into white where the window is. Then I added like 1/4 white to 3/4 RR to a small paint cup, 1/2 white to 1/2 RR for the middle and then mostly white with a tiny bit of RR for the lightest.

We followed measurements for the DIY Floating Nightstands here but used a pocket kreg to fasten together. Extra long anchor screws to fasten it to the wall.

The flooring is a peel and stick vinyl. It’s definitely not a permanent flooring choice. We will likely have to replace it within 3-5 years but I’m really ok with that. The price was SO good and it looks SO amazing.

The duvet cover is from Anthropologie. I had it sitting in my linen closet because it’s so beautiful but not exactly the look my bedroom is heading towards. The ivory rug is from Target. I found it as an online return and it was less than $40 a long time ago. It’s been a traveling rug and spent time downstairs, in my bedroom, LuLaRoom and now Emilia’s room. It’s not the best fit for the room but it’ll work for now, for free! Her Ikea dresser got a makeover with new knobs. They’re the perfect mix of pink and gold. I love them.

So here it is! Emilia’s big girl room. The good news is, she’s slept in there every night since my MiL left. The bad news is, so have I!

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