I think I’ve talked before about being more mindful with my spending, my wardrobe, etc. Trust that I love nice things as much as the next girl. I also love to wander aimlessly around Target and fill up my cart with things I ‘need’ just like anyone else (preferably with an iced americano in hand). I just went through The Purge earlier this year and got rid of so much stuff. I’m definitely not a minimalist by any means but I do want to make mindful purchases. I’m trying to retrain my brain that just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean we need it.

Soooo my friend Jenn has been an amazing inspiration this year. (You can follow her and her seriously gorgeous family on instagram.
She has been purchase free for all of 2019. INCREDIBLE. I mean I think I might have purchased something today?? I want to take a small page out of her book and go all of May without buying anything. I mean food, obviously I’ve gotta feed my kids. Sunscreen, duh but like that sweatshirt at stellar that says “taco to me” probably not a NEED.

Here is my game plan. I’ve taken stock of all of my supplies. I will definitely need purple shampoo and conditioner during May. I still have about 1/4 of both bottles left. I only wash my hair about once a week so eventually I will need to get shampoo and conditioner. The Kristen Ess is my jam from Targ. I have all of the hair oil I will need for a good while, definitely through May. I just got a new tube of my fave mascara! (Loreal Lash Paradise, what!!!) And I bought a new moisturizer with sunscreen this weekend. Cosmetics wise, I’m good. I don’t need any new bras, and my eby order just came. I have fallen in love with my Pixie Cup, menstrual cup, and that’s a whole different post!!! I think I’m set. I found my long lost white jeans, thanks Mariah, and feel set on basics for the oncoming warmer weather. And same for my kids! but you know with kids they’ll always need something. I’m going to try to only be mindful purchasing for them as well.

I have recently taken on some new responsibilities at work that include picking/buying clothes for Stellar, aka women’s clothes, aka the things I want to wear. It’s been so amazing but also challenging because I want to buy all the things I pick! I need to focus on my goal. Plus it’s just a month. I can do a lot of things for a month.

Things that are included in the No-Buy-May:
Home Decor!
Pots for plants

So, is anybody interested in joining me for the No-Buy-May?? I’m excited to challenge myself and also to kind of rewire my brain into realizing I don’t need STUFF! Who’s with me?

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