Going Forward

I started this blog as a way to figure out my journey with BRCA1+ mutation. I didn’t know much about my reconstruction options. I knew that I would be having a surgery to remove my breast tissue, that I KNEW. Beyond that it was so confusing, and overwhelming. Now that I’m on the ‘flap side’ (a little DIEP flap humor for ya) I feel like I know so much more about the different reconstruction options. Not because I’ve experienced them, but because of this incredible community I’ve learned.
I don’t know what 30somethingmumbles.com will turn into. I definitely know that I won’t stop talking. I mean, in my 35 years of life I don’t think I’ve ever stopped talking. I know that I want to be an advocate for mutants, survivors, previvors, and thrivers. I know that I want to share my home improvements. I know that I want to share the amazing things my kids do, like spell butterflies like buttferlies.

I want to continue sharing budget fashion finds, a list of the best white jeans. I want to continue sharing my life as authentically as possible. If I make up a kickass dinner recipe, I kinda want to share that too! I guess what I don’t know is what you guys want. What do you want to hear from me. Or see from me? Or NOT see from me. I want to know that too! Feel free to leave a comment on the blog or email me 30somethingmumbles@gmail.com

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