2 Months & Another Year Older

Yesterday was my 35th birthday. It sounds so old. It doesn’t feel that way though. I feel like I’m still a young, hip person. I mean, until I spent the day doing laundry, cleaning my bedroom and grocery shopping. I decided to start my 35th trip around the sun with a completely clean bedroom. After my surgery I kinda just didn’t care. I was trying to get better. I watched a LOT of housewives, and spent so much time in bed. It wasn’t HORRID but it wasn’t good either. Now it’s good. It feels like the serene escape I need. I am going to work on finishing up the bedding and decor this week. I’m still loving my bamboo sheets. They’re so great and such an affordable option for king bedding. They’ve only gotten softer with use and washing. I’ll probably buy another set of sheets so they’re constantly on rotation. I’m not terribly inspired though for further bedding though. Anyway, a bedroom decor post is not what I was planning on with this post but I’m excited to get my bedroom finally finished. And to be a grownup. 
Last Sunday was TWO MONTHS post op. In some ways it feels like my surgery was so so so recent and yet in others it feels a lifetime ago. I feel like I blinked and it was over. Maybe I blocked out the recovery part? Or maybe I’m delusional. I definitely remember the infection, dealing with my drain and all of that. I think it’s probably good to forget the recovery part? I mean I’m heading back to New Orleans next month for the rest of the surgery, Phase 2. 
Many people are curious about what exactly Phase 2 consists of. In order to tell you about P2 I’ll have to give you a rough overview of P1. During the initial reconstruction they basically just had to take my belly fat, whatever was available (ended up being something like 700 cc/each) and put it inside the breast cavities. There was a lot more involved, micro surgeries and transplanting arteries and veins and all the things but it was less about perfecting the breasts, just getting them to be there. They said it’s easier to reduce than increase size so I was totally ok with the bigger breasts…for now. Phase 2 will be a reduction, scar revision, and liposuction with fat grafting. Luckily I didn’t have any necrosis or anything weird. The amount that transferred pretty much stuck. I do have about a grape sized hematoma in righty but it’s getting smaller every single day. I’m also having my fallopian tubes removed by a gyn/onc. I don’t want to go into surgical menopause. I’ll have the rest of my lady parts removed when I’m closer to 40. I mean, I’m pretty damned close now, but 5 years is a while!!
I’m so grateful to a group of doctor wives spouses for sending $$ for meals while I’m gone. My kids will LOVE the chick fil a and Zoey’s! My bestie has created a meal train and I’m forever grateful to those that will feed my family while I’m recovering. I am hopeful that my recovery this time will be even better than the first. That I’m back to normal quickly! That I don’t have drains for more than a week. That my boobs look perfect, ha! (Not that they’ve ever looked perfect but heyyyyyy, best plastic surgeons in the world can hook a sis up!) 
Birthdays are weird as an adult. I mean, there isn’t the anticipation that there was when you’re a kid. Instead of anticipation its more excitement for a new year. For all of the new possibilities, it’s like a new start. Fresh. I’m grateful for the opportunity to look forward and start fresh every year. 35 is going to be DOPE! I keep saying that, but I truly believe it. 

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