I cannot believe it’s been six weeks since my prophylactic bilateral mastectomy and DIEP flap reconstruction. I also cannot believe that in just six weeks I will be undergoing phase 2 again. Time is a wild thing. Some days last forever and others go by in a blink.

The infection has been by far the hardest aspect of my recovery. The most pain in my entire life and also the most weak I’ve ever felt. I am so incredibly grateful for modern medicine and the antibiotics for kicking the infection’s ass. As soon as I finished my second antibiotic I was able to get my last drain removed. Best. Feeling. Ever. Then we evacuated for Hurricane Michael while Barry went to Panama City to help with the devastation. The timing truly couldn’t have been better.

At six weeks post op I am cleared to start exercising again. I’ve been challenging myself to walk more and more each day. I’m going to start Zumba again, soon. Since phase 2 is the perfecting phase I am trying to focus on nutrition and exercise to get my body as good as possible before. You know, lose the rest of those gummi bears I ate to get my boobs.

I’m sharing this photo from 5 weeks post op. The bruising is almost gone in righty and my incision lines are healing so so so well.

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