Today, I’m 8 days post op. I just took a shower by myself, and shaved my legs (and big toe). (Yes, I shave my big toes…am I alone?) I for sure have less energy than before surgery, my belly is tight AF and my boobs feel like bricks strapped to my chest. When I look in the mirror it doesn’t feel like a true reflection. It’s not a bad feeling when I look in the mirror. Just a curious one. Who’s boobs are those? That flat tummy and high almost outie belly button belong to who, exactly??

I honestly keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. For something bad to happen. My recovery has been nothing short of amazing. My stay at the center was incredible. My pain has been so well controlled. I haven’t taken a Norco since Sunday AM. My pain has been well controlled with Tylenol and the prescription anti inflammatory, Tordol. I expected this to be so much worse.

I spent the majority of the day yesterday in bed. I kept the littles home from school and forced them to spend time with me. They demolished an entire box of crackers in my bed, and attacked a family size bag of Swedish fish like a pack of starving hyenas in the plains of Africa. We took turns picking movies and shows to watch while I snoozed away the day. It was heavenly.

Today, I have to do something unpleasant and so typical #momlife that I can’t even handle it. I’ll fill you in when I know more because this Mama is flying blind with this thing. Maybe this is the shoe?? I dunno.


  1. I’m so glad that you are feeling better and coming along so great. You have a wonderful attitude and I think that helps so much. Saturday I’m leaving for Maine and I’m not feeling well today with a stupid UTI so I’m scattered hoping I’m not going to be stepping over peeps to get to the ladies room a million times. Keep up the great work warrior girl❤️

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