IMG_0403 3You guys, surgery is in less than a month. I have to go get my pre op testing next week. I work Monday so I’m thinking Tuesday will be the day! Blood work, chest x-ray and EKG.

My babies all started school. Emilia is rocking kindergarten. She literally twirled into the building. Owen’s killing it in second grade. Gabriel is loving all of the new challenges at Seaside and 5th grade and Julian’s trucking along in 7th. We have slowly gotten into the routine of school. After a summer of sleeping in it’s been rough! Barry’s been away for annual training and I’ve been flying solo.


I’ve started stockpiling for surgery. We are staying at an Airbnb before and after surgery. I’ve ordered my bidet toilet seat from BioBidet. I’ve got an Amazon order on the way! And have stock piled some bleachable wash cloths. I have 2 sets of button front jams, and a button front nightgown that’s definitely going to make me feel like a grandma but hey, it’s paisley. I’m trying to locate button front tops which isn’t something I’ve normally worn due to the sheer size of the tatas. I hate bulging buttons! Getting a couple zip up hoodies and I have a million pairs of cozy LuLaRoe leggings! My friend Brooke is sewing me a mastectomy pillow and a zip up hoodie with built in drain holders.

Somethings I still need to get (so I can keep track):
queen sized fitted sheets x 3
small bottle of detergent
zip up hoodies

If you’ve had a mastectomy, or DIEP FLAP what did you find you needed after surgery?

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