Next. Month.

Y’all! I’m having surgery NEXT month! It’s so insane. I feel like my blog posts of late have been a continual groundhog’s day of how is it possible that time is so fast. My kids start school NEXT WEEK! Next Friday but still! Today, Gabriel is at his orientation day. They call it Shark School. Adorable right? He’s nervous to start a new school but he’s also excited. Emilia is beyond stoked to be starting kindergarten and Owen doesn’t want to go to second grade, he wants to repeat first.
Our bucket list is near completion. We are checking off a couple more things this week, and will continue checking things off until they’re done! We are giving ourselves until the official end of summer.
But seriously though, how is time so fast?? I remember summer lasting forever. I’m one of those moms this year. Not excited for their kids to start school. I’ve savored almost every second of every day. I mean, right now, Emilia’s crying because she wants me to pay $7 for Minecraft on my iPad and it’s not happening so she’s crying. This is a moment I’m not exactly savoring but like I’ve loved a lot of other moments today.
This year seemed to crawl by at first. The days were so so so long in January and February. Once I got through my Birmingham appointment it’s like everything has been in fast forward. I go again to Birmingham next week. I’m excited for tacos and spending time with Geri, and seeing Julie. I hope she’s excited that I’m having surgery next month. Or like maybe excited isn’t the right word. Pleased? I don’t know. I’m just glad it’s almost all behind me.
I found out it maybe possible that I can have my ovaries and tubes removed at the same time as my phase 2 in December. I’m waiting to hear back about that but one less surgery would be awesome. I wanted to wait a while to make sure I was done done with babies and I’m feeling more and more convinced that I’m done done. I love babies but I also love sleep. And not changing diapers. So maybe that part of my story is over. Maybe I’ll get a puppy. Who knows!


  1. Love it! It absolutely flew by! And I have no idea how. It seems like summers used to be so so much longer! I have to prepare myself to start learning how to be a morning person for kindergarten… I think this will be more challenging for me than my kid lol! I Can’t wait to hear about the phase 2 surgery! Fingers crossed to knock it out at once!!


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