Clean 30

So, this summer, well let’s be real. Ever since my blood test result came back as positive for the BRCA1 mutation, I’ve been off the rails with my eating. I’ve gained something crazy. I don’t actually even know how much I’ve gained. My clothes aren’t fitting right and I definitely am not feeling comfortable in my skin.
I’ve done a few whole 30s. I usually feel so incredible during and after. It is just so so so much though. So much prep work, so much to think about, so many things you just can’t eat. I would love to say I’m going to do a whole 30 before my surgery but I just know that by saying that I’m 100% setting myself up for failure. Instead, I’m committing to a clean 30. 30 days of clean-ish eating. More fruits, veggies, lean meats and healthy fats, less boxed/processed foods. I feel like oatmeal is probably ok, froot loops are not. I just want to make better/healthier food choices whenever possible but I don’t want to limit myself so much that I feel stress over eating or what I can or can’t eat.
Don’t get me wrong. Whole 30 is an excellent way to reset your body and mindset. I just don’t have enough room in my life for that big of a ball to juggle. I am not promising that I will stay away from refined sugar for 30 days, or that I will never eat a handful of gummi bears from the backroom. I am definitely going to partake of s’mores with my kids to check off our bucket list. I’m just going to be more mindful of what’s going into my bod!
Who’s with me?? Comment with your clean 30 aspirations!

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