T minus 2 months

It’s the 11th of the month. I suppose the 11th will now have meaning to me of every month. From now on it’s a milestone. Two months until surgery. Then one. Then it’s DD day. Then it’ll be one month post op, and two…and so on. Time is going by so quickly. Each week is melting into the next. I got a letter today from the elementary school. Emilia needs a physical form for KINDERGARTEN. The note said to hurry because there’s only one month until school! Logically, I know this. I mean I’ve scheduled pretty much everything around this but for some reason it kinda hit me. I have a month left with my babies. A month of snoozles in the middle of the day. A month of ice cream for dinner. A month of waterslide days. A month to complete our Summer Bucket List. Time is just feeling like a hot commodity. One that I can’t get enough of. Relishing these giggles, and the kids going UP the waterslide despite my attempts to correct them. The tantrums over summer chores. Hours spent with noses between the pages of books. Explosions after dying on their favorite video games. Soaking it in. Remembering it all.

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