Somehow I blinked and now suddenly it’s July. Things are moving at lightening speed and I’m struggling to keep up. In a month and a few days my kiddos will start school again. Emilia, my newborn, will be a kindergartener. She’ll be fearless and smart and strong. Owen, my angel baby, will be a second grader. That’s such a big, big deal. He’ll continue to read a ton, be a perfect and model student, and continue to make me melt with those big blue eyes and curly blond hair. Gabriel, my rambunctious and big lion hearted boy, will be in 5th grade. A middle schooler. He is the most determined of my kids when he wants to be. He saved up money to buy a guitar so that when he gets to do band in 6th grade, he will be ready. He will thrive at Seaside. Julian, my oldest and most challenging son, will be in 7th grade. I know he will continue to kill it at Seaside. Make more friends, do more things and speak more Spanish. He’s a self starter and so good.

Once they start school it’s only a MONTH until surgery. 31 little days. I’m so glad that I decide to wait until after they start school for surgery. I can’t imagine being bed bound when the sun is shining and they have nothing but time. We have been able to check so many things off our bucket list and we will continue to do so.

It’s freaking me out that it’s already July. Things are getting closer, and more real. I am trying to get my LuLaRoe inventory dwindled down a bit so that I can focus on recovery and not selling/shipping. I’m trying to tie up loose ends so I can focus on recovery for that 2-4 weeks.

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