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I don’t know about you but I have been STRUGGLING to find swimsuits that are both flattering and won’t break the bank! I’ve had a very successful swim suit shopping spree. I’m having a surgery that’ll pretty much change the landscape and topography of my body and I’ve gained about 15 pounds since my BRCA1 results. One part emotional eating, one part beignets and waffles and friend chicken, one part because I haven’t had the energy or mojo to continue my workout. Finding a swimsuit that I feel comfortable in, in a body I don’t feel comfortable in, has been incredibly difficult. I also can’t spend a ton of money on ONE swim suit because we are at the pool pretty much every day during summer vacation and the beach at least once a week! They get worn a lot without a lot of time in between!
My first bargain swim suit find is a 1 piece. It’s extremely trendy floral print with ruffles and a piece that I definitely wouldn’t spend a ton on. Basics are ok to splurge on, in my opinion. A suit that’ll only be on trend for a season is not.


Y’all! It is so incredibly flattering. So comfy, didn’t creep or crawl or inch.I am so incredibly pleased with this suit ESPECIALLY for UNDER $10! WHAT! I’m going to let you in on a little secret, or maybe you already know? Allie Express! Shipping takes FOREVER and customer service is non existent but the clothe are cheap and often the same suits you’ll find on cupshe or amazon but cheaper.
Here’s the link for the floral one piece I got a Large, I almost always always always size up in the clothes from Allie even if the size chart says TTS.

You can also save $$ with Ebates on AllieExpress, Walmart, Target, Amazon and SO many other online shops! If you’re not using it already, you should be!
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Here it is on Amazon

Next up is a mix and match bikini set that I found at….
For real. Each piece was only $7.96 so I got 4 pieces for around $32. And I feel GOOD in them. Even heavier than I’d like. It was so cute. I did size up in the bottoms and got my true size in the top (mostly because my boobs are going to be smaller in like 3 months).

You can find bottoms & top in the solids! I seriously love that I can mix and match these pieces for maximum wearability!


The stripes are so eye catching and vertical stripes are so flattering. I really like the stripes the most of the two but I wanted to mix and match. The yellow/orange color is a perfect match in the stripes to the solid suit.
You can find the stripe bottoms here & stripe bikini top here. Despite the lack of structure to this top I felt like it definitely had enough support for my boobs. (and just for therecord I’m a 34DD right now…)


Have you found any swimsuits that you just love?? Share them with me!


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