Adventures of Leftie

So, if you remember, Leftie is my trouble maker. We had an issue with the mammogram and something weird showing up. (Something not cancerous, but odd, nonetheless!) I had a dermatology appointment last week and everything looked pretty good…except for a mole on good ol’ leftie. Obviously I’m in the better safe than sorry camp. They took that mole off and sent it to pathology. I was sure it was going to be moderately dysplastic like the mole on my back before it. The dermatologist just called, and it’s benign! So even though the site got a little infected and Barry had to doctor it up a bit I’m so relieved! This is also a PSA to get your skin check if you haven’t! Skin cancer is no fun. Also, if you’re positive for a BRCA mutation you’re at an increased risk for skin cancer! Hopefully this is the extent of leftie’s drama for the last little bit!

And, as a side note, I scheduled my phase 2 for December 13. Merry Christmas, Christia. You’re getting lipo, scar revision and fat grafting!

Love you guys! Thank you for your support. Check your self (breast self exam) and get your skin looked over!



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