Let’s Talk About Sheets, Baby

So nothing has been decided about New Orleans. As far as when/who/what is going to take care of me. It’s too much for me to think about right this second. Too much means I focus on things that matter but kinda not really.

Alright, in this case, they only matter to me, and Barry. And Emilia. SHEETS.
I’ve never really cared about sheets and always just bought whatever caught my eye at Target. In winter we switched to flannel and summer was whatever. I’m not a sheet snob. Or maybe I am? Because all of the sudden I care. Maybe it’s the move to Florida and our very lack of winter but flannel sheets are a no go. Some of the sheets I was fine with before make me sweat. Maybe I’m just getting older and starting to go through THE CHANGE. I mean that’s unlikely at 34 but I don’t know! Have I suddenly turned into the hottest sleeper? Is it the fact that Emilia’s hot little sleepy body is almost always pressed up against me? We have the ceiling fan on, an EMPTY duvet cover, and I’m still hot!

I went to Target searching for sheets that would match my new (empty) duvet and also not make me sweat. No. Luck! I mean there were some that looked cute and would have LOOKED ok with my duvet but they felt sticky almost. Not good when you’re trying not to sweat!

Then I started shopping on Amazon. I mean they have literally EVERYTHING on Amazon and added about 400 different options to my cart. Read about 19,000 reviews.

Have you ever had linen sheets? They’ve been my dream since last summer. I just felt like they’d be cool and breathable. They’re also SO expensive. I found some BEAUTIFUL linen sheets on Amazon. They’re just chilling in my cart waiting for me to get an extra $150.
Natural Linen

Mauve Linen (my fave!)

White Peach Skin (these seem great for hot sleepers!)

BAMBOO (I’ve often told customers at Gigi’s that I wanted bamboo sheets…hi kickee pants for my bed!)

Bamboo Blend I ended up with these because we NEEDED new sheets and that price was ridiculous!



It’s been a few nights of using them and I really like them. I am not 100% in love and want to marry them, but I haven’t been too sweaty! That being said, if they’re not the best option for sweatless sleep, I want to know what is!
Is it linen? Or 100% bamboo? Or something else entirely!

Help me friends! I want to sleeeeeep!

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