Let’s Talk Plants

I have always had a black thumb. Always. I remember, as a child, helping my dad in the garden and being afraid I would kill everything. I was especially thankful for carrots because once you pick them you eat them and it’s over.

As an adult I carried that label with me. I never really tried to grow anything. I just knew it was going to die with me at the helm.

We moved to Florida and there are so many gorgeous plants here that aren’t everywhere else. I also started paying attention to home decor blogs and fell in love with the organic feel of houseplants. And then I became a crazy plant lady.

I’m not claiming to have never killed a plant in my life since then. Not. At. All. In fact right now I can see two deceased plants that need to be pulled ASAP. You see? Light matters.

My biggest plant victory has been the revival of a fiddle leaf fig that was knocking on plant death’s door. Seriously healthy and gorgeous when I dropped $30 on it at Home Depot. I brought it home and it promptly lost every single leaf but two. I was left with a stick in the dirt and another stick in the dirt with two scraggly leaves on it.

My neighbors, Kristen & Allen, have the most glorious fiddle leaf fig known to man. It grazes their 10′ ceiling and is so full and lush! I asked him for some tips on how to bring my baby back to life.

So if your Fiddle Leaf Fig is feeling a little sad I’ve got a list of things that helped bring mine back from the brink of death.

First order of business:


I buy my pots at a variety of places and lust over so many from Crate and Barrel Like this! Make sure the pot is bigger than the black plastic one your fiddle leaf fig came in. For drainage, if there’s no hole at the bottom of your pot, do about 2″ of a lava rock and gravel mixture. I use a good quality organic potting soil in my pots. And then switch the bad boy.



🐸Happy Frog 🐸 is what I use. It was a game changer. I cheered and almost cried when I noticed a baby leaf on my FLF. I feed them about every 2-3 months. I should be more rigid with it or at least know exactly when it happens but I suck.


FLF need light. Direct light. They need light like I need coffee. Or tacos. Or shoes. Indirect is not enough. I’ve dried. Mine now face the West. They get a lot of afternoon sun. They like to reach towards the sun. They’ve got high hopes, what can I say.



Obviously they need water. But not too much and not too often. I water them Sunday. Some of my other plants are needier and need to be watered more often.

They’re quick growing once they’re happy. I went from literally 2 leaves on the one from Home Depot to 14 in less than a year. Probably like 6 months. I bought a replacement for the two leafer and haven’t needed it. Because of my tips and tricks I’ve only lost a single leaf on that guy. And it’s because I smashed it with the shopping cart!

Turns out my thumb may not be so black. I’m excited about the prospect of plants everywhere in my house. I want to get some ivy. And spider plants and hanging planters. I want a jungalow.

Another helpful hint that you probably already know. Wipe the leaves! I wipe mine when I water. Just a wet towel or paper towel and wipe off the dust. That’s how they eat!

this is from today!

March 27

Even since November they’ve grown!

Do you have any plant tips I didn’t mention?

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