Checkin’ In

If you know me you know I don’t particularly like talking on the phone. Like please text me. My kids are savages. They erupt into a fiery ball of neediness the second I hit that accept call button. Suddenly they’re rioting in the halls. How do they KNOW??

Yesterday I received a phone call from my OBGYNs office. That’s where I received my diagnosis of my mutation. That’s where they ran the $4000 gene test. (Or I mean it was run through a lab, but that’s where it started.) So, naturally, a Million worst case scenario is start playing through my head. Something else came back on my pap. Or like I owe them $2000 for the rest of the test. Or (insert crazy improbable scenario here.)

I called her back and left a message. She called me back this morning. Turns out she was only calling to check on me. To see if I’d seen anyone re: brca1. She was surprised to find out there is such a wait to see UAB but we figured that it’s just because they had to schedule all the things on one day and in consecutive order. She seemed relieved to know I’m planning on surgery ASAP and to know I’ll have some additional screening while I’m there. She seemed like she cared. I’ve had plenty of OBGYNs in my life. Seriously 4 different docs for 4 different babies. The care I’m receiving from Emerald Coast OBGYN is phenomenal. I gotta day it was nice to have her check in and check on me.

In other news, my sister Jessica also learned that she’s brca1 positive or as I like to refer to it as a mutant. Unfortunately we will both be having surgery this year. Luckily for her she is in Puyallup and has a multitude of resources so close to her in both Tacoma and Seattle.

I am running a limited preorder on these #Mutant shirts. You can email me to get one.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for caring. And thanks for checking in.


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