Come together, right now

I really and truly hope the Beatles are playing in your head right now like they are mine. That’s completely unrelated to this blog post but completely relevant to me soooo…

This weekend Barry attacked our room hard. He organized while I was at work, put together dressers to be used as nightstands, rid the room of excess and shoved all the to be folded laundry in a corner. God bless him.

It’s looking so so so good. I got an original piece of art for my birthday that I’m borderline obsessed with. I’ve never come across a piece of art that’s spoken to me like this and I was so surprised that he and my bestie Jana surprised me with it. I came home from the spa to it hanging above my bed and no lie I started to cry.

Unbeknownst to barry, I had ordered a song lyric to be hung above our bed from the song we danced to at our wedding. This weekend we rearranged the art and now the Saczynski piece is the first thing you see when you walk in, and the song lyric is going above the bed.

see, I told you the to be folded and put away laundry was in the corner. But how great is that painting?? And that mirror? I dreamt of that mirror in just that spot and it’s a perfect fit.

I still think it needs something. The nightstand is perfect and I may change the knobs to something a little chunkier but I want them black still. And the song lyric is black font and will go up whenever I get to the store for a hooker.

My brilliant friend Jenn suggested some plants on the nightstand and since I’m borderline crazy plant lady I’m taking that suggestion under advisement. I am trying really hard to be mindful of purchases in 2018 so while I loooove the planters below I want to make sure I willblove them in a week. So if I’m still thinking about them then I’ll get them.

The biggest question now, is black or white?

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