So, a few things! I started a 30 something mumbles instagram! you can find me at 30somethingmumbles. I’ve been posting a ton of progress pictures! I’ve fully thrown myself into Emilia’s room redo. Things are going well. Her bed is built and totally comfortable and cute. Andddddd she’s asleep in my bed next to me. haha! She has been starting off in her bed and then ninja sneaks her way in sometime in the middle of the night.

I am so pleased with how her room is turning out. I have a few finishing touches to make and a dresser to buy and assemble and then I think it’ll be good to go! It’s basically Emilia in room form, so all of the items you’d come to expect are there. Yes, piggies and pink.

She’s asked for pink polka dots so that’s in the works as well. I mean we’re in the brainstorming portion of THAT project but I’m not painting her walls pink. Sorry girl.

Well, I just spent the last 10 minutes in a worm hole of old instagram photos looking for a great before picture. I don’t have one. It was basically a lot of what we thought we wanted. We wanted a guest room first and then kind of made it work for her. We had the Ikea Hemnes day bed in there. I liked that it could be a twin bed or an almost king sized bed. I loved the storage underneath, and the white crispness. And the Hemnes dresser in there. I’d replaced the knobs with something girly but the dresser was black and old and big. The top was also horribly scratched from one of our moves. That’s about all that was in her room and it definitely didn’t feel very EEJ.

I am so excited with how things are coming together! Full blog post to come!


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