Long time, no blog.

So. It came! It’s the most perfect metal bed a girl could ask for. The day it came I posted my current bed on Facebook and it sold SO FAST. I posted and then someone messaged asking to come get it within 5 minutes. Once we’d cleared the room of the old, bossy bed we opened the boxes for the new, glorious bed and, disaster. The side rails are bent in exactly the same spot. The box was perfect, no damage to the outside so it was damaged in production. I was so disappointed. So since the bed was delivered a month ago we’ve been sleeping on our mattress/box spring combo on the floor with the glorious headboard propped up behind the mattress.

The day we realized the problem was the Friday before Labor Day. After 5. She told me that because it was after 5 on a holiday weekend not to expect anything until Tuesday. Well, around Tuesday is when Hurricane Irma decided to wreak havoc on my state. Barry was sent to central Florida with the National Guard and I was solo parenting for 10 days. Needless to say resolution on the bed front was the least of my concerns.

Barry’s been home now for a week and a day and I finally had the mental clarity to call yesterday. An entire new bed is on the way because the manufacturer doesn’t ship side rails alone. It shipped today and will probably take another two weeks to get to me. When the new bed comes, I strip the side rails and then call Target to pick up the old bed. What a nightmare.

We have also purchased some items to transform the guest room into Emilia’s room and I’m so excited.

And the perfect rug I ordered back in AUGUST hasn’t shipped yet. Thanks a lot cb2. I’m feeling really disconnected from my master bedroom redecorating. I’m about ready to call it all quits.IMG_7137 2

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