Is HE the problem?

Remember how I’ve been lusting over metal beds? Yeah, I know. I posted just yesterday about them. There is still a war waging between Piper and Mason with no clear winner.
Barry votes Mason. I…am undecided. Today I was making my bed, and saw the steer head sculpture that’s lived over our bed for two years now. He was originally silver but I lovingly painted him black. I loved him. He was so edgy for my kind of preppy bed. But now I’m wondering if he’s part of the problem. (The other problem being my bed is such a cool/neutral grey that it has a green tone when compared with my beautiful flooring.)

So, is it him? It’s totally him and not me, right? He’s cool but is it limiting my decorating style? Is he a little too country for my wanna be edgy room?IMG_5258

Can you tell the bed looks like it has a slightly green tone? Also, how gorgeous are these floors? Pergo Outlast in Hawaiian Curly Koa. ALL the heart eyes. All of them. I’m going to need a bigger rug to anchor the one that I’ve been hoarding for actual years! I found it on clearance at Target for $38 and knew it was meant to be in my bedroom when I replaced the floors.



Here is the rug and a picture of my mess haha! They were all playing ipods before we went to Zumba this morning. I’m thinking a solid black, maybe fluffy faux fur for texture? Thoughts? Y/N?IMG_5269

And my big 4th grader! I can’t believe he’s going into 4th grade and I also can’t believe he posed for me to take this picture! IMG_5263

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