Help! My Bedroom Sucks

We have lived in this house for over two years now. In just 10 months it will have been the longest we’ve lived in one place, ever. (I mean since I was a child living in my parents’ home anyway.) Our record is three years and that was simply due to the fact that my husband was in a residency program. We are contractually obligated to stay in paradise for two more years but I’m hoping we extend that contract to forever. This house is perfect for our family, we have great friends and schools and it’s sunny so much. We live close enough to the beach that we don’t have to bring our entire beach bag every single time. It’s basically my dream.

There are things I LOVE about my home. I love the chalk board wall, the wallpaper on the stair wall, the vertical subway tile to name a few. We’ve replaced carpet on the stairs and now in our master bedroom. I LOVE the flooring we chose. There’s just one itsy bitsy small problem. When we replaced the flooring it unleashed this desire to completely redo everything about my room. Starting with the bed.

I love love loved the bed when we got it. It’s a West Elm knock off and was like 1/2 the price. I still love the bed but it’s just so…bossy. The grey is really grey. It makes it difficult to find bedding that goes with it. I have a duvet that I love but it is so hot most of the year that a duvet isn’t the best choice. I dream of a juicy linen blanket but it’s just not possible with my current bed situation. So, I’m shopping and pinteresting, oh how did I come upon this salmon recipe?, and instagramming. I think I’ve narrowed my choices down to two and I need your help.

First up is Piper . She’s unique, bold and classic all at the same time. It’s definitely neutral enough that I can be the boss of the bedding.

FullSizeRender 225

Next we have Mason. Definitely basic, definitely classic and definitely neutral enough for me to be the boss. It’s also significantly cheaper than Piper. FullSizeRender 226

I have a couple nightstands coming from Ikea so I’m not ordering TODAY but what do you think? Which strikes your fancy? Piper or Mason?

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